Update of Bacterial CHS-like Proteins

Full updated inventory (August 2018)

Access number of protein sequences that are present in the blast CHS database are written in bold. Those also mentioned in the paper (Fig. 6) are written in red, with their corresponding name in a tooltip.

Access number Species Strain Genomic Locus
WP_009112531 Brenneria sp. EniD312 NZ_CM001230 BRE312_RS09165
WP_012883221 Dickeya zeae Ech586 CP001836 Dd586_0475
WP_016943214 Dickeya zeae EC1 NZ_CP006929 W909_RS02435
Dickeya zeae ZJU1202 NZ_AJVN01000013 WYU_RS011596
WP_038913015 Dickeya zeae MK19 NZ_CM001985 DZEMK19_RS02355
WP_038906957 Dickeya zeae CSL RW192 NZ_CM001972 DZERW192_RS02655
WP_038903207 Dickeya zeae NCPPB 3531 NZ_CM001980 DZE3531_RS02230
WP_038925005 Dickeya zeae DZ2Q NZ_APMV01000006 J134_RS00950
WP_081943089 Dickeya chrysanthemi M074 NZ_JRWY01000059 NM75_RS17025
Dickeya solani ND14b NZ_CP009460 LH89_RS08435
WP_080762602 Dickeya solani M005 NZ_JSXD01000028 OI70_RS12935
WP_100848953 Dickeya fangzhongdai DSM 101947 NZ_CP025003 CVE23_RS04070
WP_015853813 Dickeya paradisiaca NCPPB 2511 NZ_CM001857 DPA2511_RS21575
Dickeya paradisiaca Ech703 CP001654 Dd703_2117
WP_039295781 Pectobacterium atrosepticum NCPPB 3404 NZ_JQHO01000001 KP24_RS03955
WP_023638220 Dickeya paradisiaca NCPPB 2511 NZ_CM001857 DPA2511_RS07155
ACS85192 Dickeya paradisiaca Ech703 CP001654 Dd703_1390
WP_082170973 Dickeya sp. S1 NZ_JXBO01000037 QR69_RS11720
WP_084478695 Dickeya sp. NCPPB 3274 NZ_CM001979 DXX3274_RS04205
WP_107758708 Dickeya sp. Secpp 1600 NZ_CP023484 CPA59_RS03635
WP_082202663 Dickeya sp. MK7 NZ_CM001984 DXXMK7_RS03550
Dickeya sp. B16 NZ_JXBN01000044 QR68_RS16750
WP_084878777 Pantoea cypripedii LMG 2657 NZ_MLJI01000002 HA50_RS21320
WP_011093608 Pectobacterium atrosepticum SCRI1043 NC_004547 ECA_RS10085
Pectobacterium atrosepticum ICMP 1526 NZ_ALIV01000006 KCQ_RS03670
Pectobacterium atrosepticum JG10-08 NZ_CP007744 EV46_RS09645
Pectobacterium atrosepticum 21A NZ_CP009125 GZ59_25540
Pectobacterium atrosepticum NCPPB 549 NZ_JQHK01000010 JV34_RS16425
Pectobacterium atrosepticum CFBP 6276 NZ_KB933470 H352_RS04480
Pectobacterium atrosepticum PB72 PDDK01000005 PB72LOC_02063
Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum UGC32 NZ_AODU01000011 G033_10330
Pectobacterium peruviense IFB5229 LUBB01000010 A0G02_14755
Pectobacterium peruviense IFB5232 LXFV01000001 A0G03_02380
WP_100675292 Pectobacterium atrosepticum SS26 NZ_QESY01000017 DF214_RS05575
Pectobacterium atrosepticum PB72 NZ_PDDK01000005 PB72LOC_RS10480
Pectobacterium atrosepticum IFB5229 NZ_LUBB01000010 A0G02_RS08300
Pectobacterium atrosepticum IFB5232 NZ_LXFV01000001 A0G03_RS02465
Pectobacterium atrosepticum 36A NZ_CP024956 CVS35_RS12400
WP_039314686 Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliense LMG 21372 NZ_JQOD01000002 KU74_RS10185
WP_015840465 Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum PC1 NC_012917 PC1_RS11125
AFI90614 Pectobacterium parmentieri SCC3193 CP003415 W5S_2526
WP_033071593 Pectobacterium parmentieri RNS 08-42-1A NZ_CP015749 A8F97_RS05890
Pectobacterium parmentieri RNS08.42.1A NZ_KN151106 DH18_RS0110860
WP_103808128 Pectobacterium parmentieri PB20 NZ_PDDJ01000005 PB20LOC_RS09620
WP_025920106 Pectobacterium parmentieri SS90 NZ_QESW01000015 DF211_RS15815
Pectobacterium parmentieri CFIA1002 NZ_JENG01000013 AZ50_RS0119010
ACX88312 Pectobacterium parmentieri WPP163 CP001790 Pecwa_2552
WP_083208333 Marinomonas spartinae CECT 8887 NZ_FLOE01000034 MSP8887_RS18530
WP_083200960 Marinomonas spartinae CECT 8886 NZ_FLOB01000006 MSP8886_RS13915
WP_081741919 Pseudomonas cichorii ATCC 10857 NZ_FNIK01000005 BLQ84_RS26120
Pseudomonas cichorii JBC1 NZ_CP007039 BH81_RS26115
Pseudomonas sp. Irchel 3A18 3A18 NZ_FYDI01000017 CKW23_RS23225
WP_081355343 Agrobacterium vitis Sz1 NZ_MBFD01000052 BBL07_RS12665
WP_081344175 Agrobacterium vitis Rr4 NZ_MBFB01000052 BBK95_RS18790
Agrobacterium vitis Ni1 NZ_MBEY01000033 BBK84_RS24435
Agrobacterium vitis AB4 NZ_MBEV01000026 BBI04_RS17450
WP_081089049 Agrobacterium vitis AT6 NZ_MBEX01000070 BBK77_RS15705
Agrobacterium vitis AB3 NZ_MAVS01000048 BBI12_RS13495
Agrobacterium vitis NCPPB 3554 NZ_LMVL01000023 ASB66_RS15040
WP_080516999 Agrobacterium vitis T1/7 NZ_MBFE01000038 BBL17_RS12995
Agrobacterium vitis SF93 NZ_MBFC01000061 BBL01_RS18510
Agrobacterium vitis RF2/1 NZ_MBFA01000059 BBK91_RS17765
Agrobacterium vitis S4 NC_011989 AVI_RS14115
WP_081363398 Agrobacterium vitis NW221 NZ_MBEZ01000128 BBK88_RS26140
WP_087728969 Agrobacterium vitis V80/94 NZ_NBZE01000013 7W85_RS12665
WP_065698761 Agrobacterium rubi W2/73 NZ_LXKU01000005 A6U92_RS07610
WP_075615314 Rhizobium taibaishanense 14971 NZ_MKIN01000022 BJF91_RS15305
WP_028886634 Teredinibacter turnerae T8513 NZ_AUGB01000037 K382_RS0117375
WP_019605793 Teredinibacter turnerae T8412 NZ_KB906810 G009_RS0116075
WP_018275066 Teredinibacter turnerae T7902 NZ_KB900635 YUK_RS0105930
WP_028876881 Teredinibacter turnerae T8415 NZ_ATYI01000022 TERTUR_RS0114445
WP_015820607 Teredinibacter turnerae T8402 NZ_KB906788 G008_RS0121665
Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 NC_012997 TERTU_RS10100
WP_045819474 Teredinibacter sp. 1162T.S.0a.05 NZ_LANB01000001 H152_RS15625
WP_045825626 Teredinibacter sp. 991H.S.0a.06 NZ_LANC01000007 H154_RS05230
PCK09043 Alteromonadaceae bacterium NVXL01000017 COA42_06070
PCK08631 Alteromonadaceae bacterium NVXL01000027 COA42_08130
WP_039913012 Cellvibrio mixtus subsp. mixtus J3-8 NZ_ALBT01000084 A596_RS04755
WP_041037302 Tolypothrix campylonemoides VB511288 NZ_JXCB01000008 SD81_RS20010
WP_069350121 Scytonema millei VB511283 NZ_JTJC02000193 QH73_RS20005
WP_062057166 Aquimarina longa SW024 NZ_KQ474099 N456_RS11910


If you are using these data, please cite:

IR Gonçalves, S Brouillet, MC Soulié, S Gribaldo, C Sirven, N Charron, M Boccara and M Choquer. Genome-wide analyses of chitin synthases identify horizontal gene transfers towards bacteria and allow a robust and unifying classification into fungi. BMC Evol Biol. 2016 Nov 24;16(1):252.

You can download the full article here